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LCD TV Frequently Asked Questions

Are LCD TVs susceptible To Burn In?
LCD TVs are less likely than Plasmas to suffer burn in. But you should not leave a fixed image on the screen for over 2 hours.

Why is my the Picture On My LCD TV Blurry.
This can be corrected by reducing picture size to 4:3, change cable box connections to HDMI or DVI connections, or use the sharpness function.

How Do You Clean An LCD TV?
Using the cleaning cloth, or a non abrasive cloth and a little water to clean your LCD TV.

What are Defective Pixels?
Most LCD Tvs have up to 3 dead pixels within a year. These can often be repaired by gentle pressure. Most manufacturers offer warrantly for many dead pixes

What Is The Thin Line Running Through My LCD TV?
Often this can be a row of dead pixels.

What Is The Better Widescreen or 4:3?
Standard broadcasts should be watched at 4:3. HDTV is in 16:9, are widescreen programs/films

What is VESA Mount Compatible?
VESA industry standard compatible TVs that work with VESA mounting hardware.

What Resolution Should I Set The Output Of My Digital Set Top Box?
If you have used DVI, HDMI, Cable or Antenna in set to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. Otherwise 480p/480i for S-Video/composite signals.

Do LCD TVs Have A Break In Period?

How Do I adjust The Resolution On My LCD TV?
You can only do this when using a computer using the machines display settings.

How can I connect my LCD TV To My Computer?
You can connect with your HDMI/DVI jack.

My Playstation 2 (PS2) does not look good on my LCD TV.
Playstations are set to 480 lines, as opposed to 720 on an LCD TV.

What Is Film Mode on my LCD TV?

How should I maintain my LCD TV.
Keep at room temperature. Regularily dust/clean. Use vertical only. Do not place near magnets.

Does sunlight hurt my LCD TV?