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LCD TV Glossary

Resolution, 120Hz, Response Time, Resolutions, make sense of the jargon with this Plasma and LCD Terminology Glossary.

Video Specifications
Screen Size
Diagonal length of TV screen
Aspect Ratio
Ratio of the TV width compared to height. e.g. 16:9
The greater the number pixels, the greater the picture. e.g. 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
The difference between the brightest whites and darkest blacks a TV can show. e.g. 1,000,000:1
Viewing Angle
The max viewable angle when viewing left to right. The closer to 180* the better.
Response Time
Response time of a single pixel switch to active from non-active
LCD 120Hz / 60Hz
Rate image refreshes. 120Hz removes judder and motion blur visible at 60Hz
Native Resolution
Input and Output
Supports standard, enhanced, and high-definition video.
composite (AV)
Analog connector for VCRs and other older devices
Analog connector for VCRs and other older devices
Headphones can be connected to this TV