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What is up with OLED TVs?

2012-optimistic mass production date, 2015-reasonably affordable date

A no-show at CES, OLED TVs will not be seen in your household for many years. Your LCD or plasma TV is far from being replaced as the best consumer TV solution available.

OLED (Organic Light-Emiting Diode) TVs require no backlight, require less power, and wafer-thin (3mm!!).

What has held back OLED Screen Production?
Massive Costs, $227 per square inch for Sharp to produce LEDs (that is over $7000 to simply make the TV). Speculation of the economic slowdown halting R&D efforts all also abound.

2012 is considered the likely year for mass production according to Peter Bocko CTO of Asia for Corning. Translation: These will be nowhere near a sane price until at least 2015.

Nothing to do by now drool over the sleek prototypes:


panasonic 2

panasonic 1


samsing oled

Sony XEL-1

sony XEl-1

Sony OLED 2

Sony OLED 3