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Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, LCD Prices keep dropping:

Timing is everything with technology purchases. At the rate LCD TV prices are dropping waiting 2 weeks could save your 20%.

The Price plummet continues unabated, check out these amazing drops at Amazon:

Check out the massive slide in prices over the last 12 months:


52"+ LCD TV Deals

40"-49" LCD TV Deals

32 - 39 Inch TV Deals

29 inch and Under LCD Deals

Wait it out, they will get Cheaper.

Prediction: A $1000 TV today, will be $800 in 30 days.

Why the additional drop?

Lower demand due to curtailed American spending

The typical American consumer isn't quite so loose with the wallet this year. Unfortunately for TV manufacturers their production lines have built the goods, and unlike a fine wine, 42" TVs do not get better with age. LCD TV sales are up from 2007, but lower than expected.

Corning left the glass machine on

Corning manufactures glass for 45% (on a per sq. foot basis) of the LCD TVs produced in the world. They have a oversupply of inventory and are predicting substantial pricing cuts in Q1 2009.

The $199 LCD TV

Now that "value brands" have smashed the $500 barrier. The big dogs need to lower their prices even more to get into the game. When a 32" TV is $199 at Costco, the Sony TV next to it better not be more than $500. It will simply sit on the shelf if it remains 50% more as it is now.

Unless this was a Christmas gift, expect the price slide to continue. These prices are trending like housing prices have in 2008.