LCD TV : Research before you buy

Consumer LCD TV information on the top LCD TVs on the market today. Including the top LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp,Panasonic LCD TV models available today.

Sleek, stylish, and now inexpensive. LCD TVs are now the highest selling TV product. Unlike bulking and expensive tube TVs, and old, large bulky projection TVs LCD TVs integrate seamlessly into the modern home.

Rule #1: Don't trust the view in the store

Never, NEVER buy a TV based on what it looks like in a shop UNLESS it has been set up correctly. Ask them whether the TV has been ISF calibrated. If it hasn't, ask why not and how it has been set up. Frankly, there is no excuse for not correctly calibrating a display TV. How are you supposed to make a purchasing decision on something which costs hundreds/thousands of pounds without being able to adequately judge its performance? It's like being asked to test drive a car in first gear only.


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The LCD TV price freefall continues
23% price drops on Black friday weekend alone. Find out why prices are expected to keep dropping. That makes an over 40% drop in the last 14 months.

LCD TV Price Fixing
November 12, 2008
CPT (Chunghwa Picture Tubes), LG and Sharp have alll agreed to plead guilty in the US Justice Dept. antitrust probe for price fixing. The total charge is a steep $585 million. Here is how it worked: